See Pinacate or the Gold Mine

The Pinacate experience is one of wonder from the air. See the lava from volcanoes and the crater of a Meteor strike all in the same picture frame.  " Few places in the World have such a view. " . We have Flights to get to and from the US. Read more then hit return to come back.

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See Bird Island & Snorkel or Dive

The experience of seeing 400 Seals and Sea Lions is unforgettable. Pictures say it all bring your camera and come with us. Diving and Snorkeling safely. Famous divers have told me this is the only place in the world you can dive with many tons of sea animals and not be afraid.

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Here is the President of Peñasco Profr. Gerardo Zazueta Positive

City Hall Subject: Indicated Puerto Penasco, Sonora, December 6, 2012 SECRETARY OF COMMUNICATIONS AND TRANSPORT PRESENTED.- Hereby requesting his valuable collaboration to provide the facilities corresponding to C. Sherman Smith, a neighbor of this port who represents a large group of US citizens who live and who have jobs and commerce in the field of tourist services and who has the need to have a non-profit Free Radio Station that is ancillary to avoid accidents, to help and assist embarkations giving safety in their operations. This station will comply with the regulations that you set and that the City Council, Port Authority and other instructions require. Without another particular, I thank in advance your attentions to the present "EFFECTIVE SUFFRAGE, NO REELECTION" THE MAYOR PROFESSOR GERARDO FIGUEROA ZAZUETA

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    Letter of Acceptance From The Director of the Radio Stations
          and Comminucations in the State of Sonora, Mexico

Below is the English Version of the above letter

ING. MIGUEL D. QUIñONES MOTA, Deputy director of communications center of the secretary of communications and transport in Sonora, Presented.- Through this platform, I allow myself to request your important intervention, to accomplish the dependency that yourself represent, so it can be possible to be offered for these preparations to be as easy as they can be. Through this medium, I ask you to solicit your assistance in the most attentive manner, so that the dependency that you deferentially represent to Radio Emergencia Sherman, A.C. This radio service is non-profit, aims to assist foreigners as a radio communication channel to prevent emergencies and prevent accidents; The foregoing will give greater safety to the foreigners in their operations and therefore will benefit the tourism sector of Puerto Peñasco and the state In this regard, I commented that the tourism guild would be very supportive as it would represent a means of promoting our destinations. With gratefulness and without another particular, the attention that serves to offer to the present I take the occasion to send a cordial greeting to you. Sincerely



    Here is a letter from the Senator Ernesto Gandara Camou

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora a 02 de septiembre del 2013
P R E S E N T.-
Through this channel we are requesting your valuable collaboration in order to provide the falicidades corresponding to RADIO EMERGENCIA SHERMAN A.C. Neighbor of this port, who represents a large group of US citizens who live and work in the tourist services business and who need to have a free non-profit radio station to help prevent accidents, That helps and attends embarkations giving safety in their operations. Said station will comply with the regulations that you set and that the city hall, captain of port and other institutions require. Without any other particular, I thank the attentions to the present. SINCERELY SENATOR ERNESTO GANDARA CAMOU Officina de Enlace, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora


Emer Services

The Air Ambulance is set up for an immediate response to take you to the hospital of your choice anywhere in the USA or Mexico. Since it is parked in Peñasco you do not have to wait for the arrival of an airplane from the United States. This airplane is equipped with the latest in equipment from Oxygen to a defibrillator. Our staff has the experience of 19 mercy flights from Peñasco. We are Free not the cost of the competition and can have you at your destination hospital before the competition arrives in Peñasco from the United States. We service all communities in northern Mexico. Some of the included cities are Peñasco, Sonoita, Caborca, Mexicali, San Louis and all of the southern portion of the Baja California. We also help you with traffic stops by the police or for any other reason we can help with any other circumstance you are having trouble understanding and it is totally free.

With the over 200 phone calls and emails its a pleasure helping you

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We count on your repeat business and satisfaction. We also have economy in mind to make everything including flying affordable to all.

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Water sports are an all-time favorite in Peñasco. Snorkeling and Skin Diving with tropical fish seals and sea lions available. .
We can schedule it at the Peñasco Activities Center and Reservations.

See Snorkeling and Diving at the Island and with the Eco-Platform

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The Ecological "Eco" Viewing Platform is the only one of its kind in the world. It allows you to see all the sea creatures in their natural habitat. Nothing is staged or set up in this natural reserve.
I have posted this here because of my respect for the National Bank of Arizona. Their courtesy and performance is second to none. This bank charges less for withdrawing money from an ATV in Mexico than any other bank. Call 800 497 8168 and in Ajo, Az 520 387 2200.
 Fry's Food & Drug

Fry’s food stores support my lifetime concepts of Honesty, Respect and Courtesy so I support them and the way they will treat you.

Sonoran Desert Solar .com
We have the best prices. The panels pay for themselves in 2 years and are guaranteed for 25 years.
Alejandro Portugal Insurance (Seguros) is number 1 and available to purchase anytime. Give us a call 24/7 From the US 520 450 3237.

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