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We serve cuisine food, steaks, shrimp, hamburgers and hotdogs. We encourage dancing, water sports, Watching Sports TV, swimming, water sliding, trampoline jumping, foosball contests Kayaks, and many more activities not listed here. We have the room for weddings, class reunions, birthday parties or office parties on the water under cover and an entire deck or the boat can be reserved for your event. These occasions can be for up to 150 persons per deck.

Competitive Analysis

Our competitors have smaller vessels or are without the space for the amenities and participation in water sports that we have.

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The Fiesta Cruiser was designed for the high seas with six watertight compartments. She was built in New York and her maiden voyage was the trip from New York through the Panama canal to Honolulu Hawaii. The electronic safety equipment safety equipped on board includes a 32 mile radar, 2 global positioning systems with chart plotter, 2 depth sounders, 3 communications radios. One of these radios has the capability to transmit around the world. We also have a satellite global positioning transmitter and flair gun. Our flotation devices include a life boat, 4 life floats supporting 22 persons each and 400 life vests. Our mechanical equipment is all Caterpillar the best in the industry. For propulsion there are two 750 hp diesels capable of 17 knots. We also have the reliability of two 65 kw. generators. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and service for your safety and enjoyment.

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la Ecológico "Eco" Viewing Platform es el único de su tipo en el mundo. Esto le permite ver todas las criaturas del mar en su hábitat natural. Nada se pone en escena o la creación de esta reserva natural.

Rocky Imports Tu mejor compra en Puerto Peñasco. Tenemos los mejores productos al mejor precio en Peñasco muchos de nuestros productos son importados de los EE.UU..
Centro de Actividades Rocky Point. Vamos a programar todos los de su tierra, mar o aire actividades. También contamos con los mejores alojamientos y tarifas en los Hoteles 

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